About australianwebmaster.com

Australiawebmaster.com was formed primarily as a series of answers to a lot of very basic questions I kept running into.


Whenever I tell people that I create websites, turn them into businesses and then sell them once they have already reached a certain level of profitability, I always get this glassy look. People’s eyes seem to glaze over, and the range of reactions are actually quite predictable because they fall into a very narrow range.

Indeed, they fall into two roughly basic camps. On the one hand, there are people who are saying that the stuff that I do is nothing short of digital alchemy. Basically, I would take random ideas and I would turn them into moneymaking websites.

“While there is a lot of truth to that, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes, because let’s face it, you can come up with an idea that may seem so hot to you, but the problem is, if you build it, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the people will come. In fact, this is the same kind of rigid thinking that has doomed so many online businesses.”.

They all start out with a tremendous amount of promise. The people behind them are all pumped up and motivated to change the world, but they end up failing because they assume that the idea that they find so awesome is also quite popular with others.

In other words, they look at themselves as a representative sample of their customer base, when in reality, they are actually catering to a demand that doesn’t exist. They end up chasing ghosts. A lot of them spend a lot of money trying to create artificial demand and, sooner or later, the vast majority of these ventures go belly up.

Glorifying Hobby

On the other extreme are people who are under the impression that what I do is essentially just a glorified hobby. I’m just wasting my time. These people are thinking that there is such a thing as virtual reality, and virtual reality online doesn’t really make all that much money. They think that since everything is measured in terms of clicks, visitors and online events, that somehow, some way, these are not as real as flesh and blood people walking into some sort of physical business location.

Not surprisingly, this mindset prevents a lot of people from pursuing their ideas. They think that unless they have hundreds of thousands of Australian dollars ready to invest in their business idea, then they really have no business putting up such a venture.

“This really is too bad because a lot of these individuals have solid ideas that cater to real existing demand from flesh and blood people. I’m not talking about just random clicks on the internet, but I’m talking about real people. The problem is, they are so set in their ways and their mindset is so restricted that they really don’t allow themselves to take action on these ideas.”.

This could have been turned into amazing digital ideas or websites and online platforms, but they think that this is just fantasy. So they sit on their hands until they realize that companies like Grab Taxi, Uber, PayPal, Google, and every other internet company have built successful businesses out of ideas that were either identical to theirs or extremely close to theirs.

This really is a tragedy because there are a lot of capable people out there. There are a lot of people with a tremendous amount of ideas. Many of these ideas are well defined and can be sliced and diced and a lot of information and data can be plugged into them to produce real, solid and persuasive business plans.

Struggling from day jobs

But due to lack of confidence and a deep and profound suspicion of the new economy, they don’t step up. They don’t take that extra step, and they continue to struggle in their day jobs. They don’t become entrepreneurs. This website gives you all the resources you need so you can become a successful Australian webmaster.

“Whether you want to make one million dollars a year, ten million dollars a year, and whether you want to work from your home office or work in the corner office of a huge building, it’s all up to you. We just lay out the resources here so you can mix and match and get access to the tools and materials you need to turn your ideas into an amazing online business.”.