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Now, don’t get too excited

We don’t need your money, so no need to take out your wallet. No need to worry about clicking that PayPal button. There is none. Instead, the help that we need is actually more important. We need your help to debug this website.

Given the fact that this website is chock full of all sorts of resources, ideas and networking opportunities, as you can well imagine, there is probably going to be a lot of stuff that is going to be left undeveloped. There might be pieces of content that might fall between the cracks.

3 + 2 =

Whatever the case may be, it is a massive undertaking and, just like with any other massive project ranging from the pyramids of Egypt to the hanging gardens of Babylon to the Panama Canal, there will be logistical issues that we may have overlooked.

We may have rushed to put the website up and we may have neglected certain navigational elements. Whatever the case may be and whatever form these problems take, there are certain issues left over.

Now, we don’t want you to get the impression that this website is basically not ready for prime time. It is ready for prime time. However, it is so massive and so extensive as far as its reach and organization are concerned, that there are bound to be hiccups along the way.

Now, we can take comfort from the fact that other equally large websites suffer from the same problems. After all, all websites, regardless of their size and regardless of how long they’ve been around, are works in progress.

Unfortunately, we cannot take refuge in that. You deserve so much better. That really comes off as some sort of excuse. This is why we need you to help us by simply consuming a lot of content on this website. By simply clicking through, you will see whether the pages go to where they’re supposed to go.

Similarly, if you are being linked to go to an external page, let us know by filling up the form below, if you are actually taken to the right place. Similarly, if you are loading certain content and the content doesn’t load properly on your mobile device like your mobile phone or tablet, do reach out to us.

Size adaptability and auto-resizing are crucial in this mobile age and, as much as we have tried to make this website completely mobile-friendly, there are third party pages on this site. They might not render all that well, so we need your heads up regarding the specific set of circumstances in which a bad rendering occurred.

Finally, if you are aware of any kind of resource that enables online business people residing in Australia or New Zealand to take their business to the next level, do let us know. We gladly link to third party resource websites.

Whether you are attached to a company that sells hosting services, outsourcing services from the Philippines, India, Bangladesh or offer any kind of support for people looking to cut their teeth on online commerce, online service provision or through passive resource sites, do let us know.

By working together, we can build a dynamic, vibrant online community that would help webmasters from Australia and beyond take their business to a whole other level.