Why are More and More Australian Webmasters Getting Into Dropshipping?

Dropshipping doesn’t involve somebody strapping on a parachute, grabbing a package and showing up in a customer’s front yard.

Why are More and More Australian Webmasters Getting Into Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an amazing online commerce or e-commerce business model that doesn’t require much money from the seller.

Here’s how it works: you find a niche of products and you go to the Chinese product database Alibaba or Aliexpress. You then find wholesalers who would gladly ship directly to the United States. You then create a front end online catalog or store selling such products. You set up your software in such a way that when people order stuff from your store, the information is sent to the Chinese retailer and they ship directly to a US address.

In other words, you never touch inventory. You don’t have to open a warehouse, you don’t have to hassle with the customer. Everything is done beyond your label on a completely white label basis by the Chinese wholesaler or, in many cases, retailer.

Isn’t that awesome? You’re able to essentially sell merchandise without having to pay for that merchandise, warehouse it ahead of time, and otherwise go through the time, expense and hassle of handling physical products. Your focus would be strictly concentrated on selling on the internet.

Whether you’re selling on Twitter, Facebook, or through YouTube videos, it doesn’t really matter. You just focus on selling and, if there is a sale, your software kicks in. So you basically build an online store, kick back, and watch your bank account get bigger and bigger as more and more customers buy stuff from you.

Now, as you can well imagine, this model is exciting a lot of online entrepreneurs all over the world. I’m not just talking about Australia, but people from all over the world are seeing the tremendous amount of commercial opportunity in this type of online selling because it really is a business model. It has all the benefits of the typical online store, with none of the headaches. So why isn’t everybody who is getting into this successful?

Now, the real question here is not whether more and more Australian webmasters are getting into dropshipping. The answer to that is a solid yes. After all, Australian webmasters are not dumb. They can see the golden opportunity. They can see how this all plays out and how it can lead to more money in their bank account. The bigger issue that begs to be asked is whether this is worth doing, given the tremendous amount of failure out there.

Make no mistake about it, the failure rate for any kind of website, and this includes dropshpping websites, is quite high. It doesn’t really matter what kind of platform you use, it doesn’t matter what tools you are using in the back end or who you partner up with, if you don’t know what you’re doing in terms of this one ingredient that I’m about to reveal to you, you probably are going to fail.

What is this one ingredient that you need to focus on? Well, you need traffic. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. It’s an open secret. In fact, the internet operates on one rule: no traffic means no money.

You have to get traffic, and the best way to get traffic is to work social media.

The great thing about social media is that if you convert somebody and turn them into a follower and they love sharing your content, chances are, people who follow them, like their friends on Facebook or their followers on Twitter, would share their content as well. And these people have friends and followers, and so on and so forth. Do you see how exponential this gets? It can get exponential very quickly.

Now, the problem here is producing content that people would want to share. Believe it or not, people are not likely to share ads. They couldn’t care less about ads. This is why you need to come up with a solid content strategy.

This is the secret between dropshipping websites that succeed and the ones that are eventually abandoned. The choice is yours. You have to have a solid marketing strategy that really optimizes the tremendous amount of traffic opportunities you get from social media.

Now, keep in mind that you really cannot use some sort of one-size-fits-all strategy here. What works for Twitter is not necessarily going to work for Google Plus, YouTube or Facebook and vice versa. Do yourself a big favor and study these platforms very carefully, conduct all sorts of experiments, fine tune them and scale them up to get more and more results, and then move on to other social media platforms. That’s how you play the game.

Dropshipping enables you to make a tremendous profit margin. However, you need to make sure that you work your traffic sources properly, otherwise, the tremendous wealth that you could make from online stores through dropshipping will remain in the realm of fantasy.