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How is E-Juice Preference Similar to Pizza Flavor Preference?

If you’ve ever lived in a college dorm room, you should know that people take their pizza preferences very seriously. In fact, I’ve personally seen fights break out over this because people are very passionate about whatever goes into their mouth. They’re passionate about the flavor explosion that they are looking for.

None of this has to do with territoriality. It’s not because that these people think that their way is better than everybody else. It’s not like they think that they are better in any shape or form than others. Instead, it’s all about passion.

If you think that something works for you, it’s only a matter of time until you insist that it work for everybody else. Now, people might have different ideas, but it doesn’t matter. You may be so pumped up about how “right” or “perfect” something is for you that you just have to insist that people try your way at least once.

At least this is how I saw the whole pizza wars in college break out. I’m not talking about pepperoni here. I’m talking about really explosive stuff and controversial ingredients like anchovies.

Now, if you’re a big fish eater, anchovies is a fairly straightforward ingredient. In fact, you might not even think twice about it. However, if you’re a beef eater or you’re very partial to meat, you probably couldn’t care less about anchovies. And this is where the conflict arises.

It seems like people get it in them to try to convert everybody else into their particular preference. This is really the heart of the issue when it comes to e-juice preference. If you vape in a very communal way or you go to a vaping parlor where people share vape juice like eliquid depot, this issue can and does crop up.

Now, depending on your personality and also depending on the kind of people you interact with, normally, this can be one of those obvious things. It can be right up in your face. It can even take confrontational tones. On the other hand, it can also be quite subtle.

If you’re hanging out with people who tend to talk in double entendres or puns, they might be raising the issue without you being fully aware of it. But believe it or not, they are actually bringing it up. They are putting it right in front of your face. Regardless, this has to be confronted.

You have to understand that when it comes to e-juice, we all have to agree to disagree. Seriously. That’s the bottom line because you’re putting stuff in your lungs. You’re mixing stuff with nicotine and, ultimately, it all boils down to what makes sense to you.

We all come from different backgrounds. Some people have different natural preferences, and that’s perfectly okay because that’s where they come from. That’s what they are about. But to turn around and insist that everybody should at least check it out is a bit too much. You’re going out of bounds when you do that.

It’s one thing to be passionate about the stuff that you find pleasurable, it’s another to insist that everybody do the same thing. Unfortunately, we all fall into this trap in one form or another and at one time or another. We just have to be very mindful of it.

You have to understand that just because you’re passionate about something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right. This is especially true if you are big on non-fruit ideas for e-juice. Just because it looks good to you and you’re pumped up about it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody else will share your enthusiasm.

So a little bit of respect goes a long way because understand that everybody’s not the same. Everybody has different experiences and everybody is shaped by different prerogatives. That’s just the way it is.

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