How to Future-Proof Your Site Against Social Media Algo Updates?

It’s easy to see how devastating Google updates could be to online publishers.

How to Future-Proof Your Site Against Social Media Algo Updates?

It’s easy to see how devastating Google updates could be to online publishers. If you publish a website that gets the vast majority of its traffic from Google’s search results, you are at the mercy of such algorithm updates. If, for some reason or another, Google comes up with an update that does not like your content or your backlink footprint, kiss your business goodbye.

It doesn’t really matter how much traffic you’re making now or how much money you are generating, Google will destroy it. Even if you’re making a few bucks right now, Google will still take away your lunch.

Now, this is not a question of Google being vindictive. Instead, this giant search company is simply just looking out for the best interest of their users.

Not surprisingly, the best way to get out from under the threat of looming bankruptcy posed by Google search algorithm updates is to simply provide the very best value. This is actually pretty straightforward.

For example, if you are offering Chihuahua accessories, it’s a good idea to tell the reader everything you know about the breed. In other words, establish credibility and authority in the eyes of people you’d like to buy from you.

When they’re at your website, make sure that your content is very easy to read and the information is very easy to find. You might want to include photos that would enable them to really see what the value is and to really connect with the content. In other words, you are not only providing information, but you are also creating an experience.

This is the key because if your website is all too forgettable, people are not only going to refuse to click on your internal links, which can lead to you not making money, but they can also forget about you.

Believe it or not, the vast majority of visitors that a typical website gets will never return. So it’s really important to make sure that you produce an experience. Now, this not only helps you with search engine rankings, but it also helps you with social media algorithm updates.

Facebook, for example, has been going through a tremendous amount of changes lately, and the organic reach of the content being shared on that platform dwindles by the day. A lot of people are under the impression that Facebook really is just trying to push people to boost their posts or otherwise engage in any kind of advertising activity that would put more dollars in Facebook’s bank account.

Whatever the truth behind these algorithm updates may be, one thing is undeniable. The algorithm updates are here, and they will continue to come.

To guard against this, you really have two choices. You can try all sorts of online content publishing shortcuts, or you can actually deliver the kind of content you promise. If I were you, I’d focus on producing a really solid, high quality website that can become an authority leader because this is the long game.

This helps ensure that you will not only get shared and get traffic from places like Google and Facebook today, but you will continue getting such traffic long into the future.